Intermarket Analysis

Intermarket Analysis Trading Software

What is Intermarket Analysis?

Have you been caught in a losing trade, when an economic crisis that wasn’t even on your radar adversely affected the market you were trading?  From Asia to the Eurozone to oil producing nations in the Middle East and North and South America, there is a confluence of forces that can roil the global markets and precipitate abrupt, major market moves.

Even if you’re trading individual stocks, there are key outside markets such as crude oil and the US Dollar Index that will have a tremendous impact on almost any asset when a global economic slowdown or full-blown crisis occurs. The inter-relationships that exist within today’s global markets are extremely powerful, subtle and very complicated, as literally dozens of markets simultaneously affect each other and the specific market or markets that you’re trading.

Why Traders Need Intermarket Analysis:

While virtually every trader today seems to understand that the global financial markets have become intertwined, and this wasn’t always the case.

Vantage Point X, first released in 2009, applied neural network pattern recognition to intermarket analysis to make highly accurate market forecasts based on intermarket correlation.  Since then, it has helped more than 25,000 traders just like you gain a competitive advantage in today’s highly intertwined global markets

How Vantage Point X Patented Technology Utilizes Intermarket Correlation Analysis

It is humanly impossible for a trader to visualize and calculate these complicated intermarket correlations. The only way to grasp the significance of their effects is through the application of sophisticated mathematical processes known as neural networks which have been developed and refined since 2009 in Vantage Point X.

Vantage Point X uses neural networks to identify which global markets have the most influence on a target market, then produces a set of intermarket data to generate predictive technical indicators that give it short-term price and trend forecasts.

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